Five Tips for Hiring a Luxury Car Cheaply

Car rental business has experienced a rapid growth in the last few years with each company offering different rates and variation in models. Whether someone is off for a business trip or simply to enjoy a ride in the city outskirts, chartering an automobile that fulfill all the requirements is preferred. It gives a chance to try out the driving mechanism of various cars before actually buying one which costs more.

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Autocar pits the C7 Corvette against its European rivals

Mind Over Motor

The Corvette has always been an American hero, able to rival Porsches and whatnot in lap times and speed. However, by almost all counts, the Corvette was never on the same level in terms of its driving experience, when compared to the Europeans. The Chevrolet C7 Corvette Stingray is probably the best Vette yet in terms of driving dynamics, so Autocar decided to see how it stacked up directly to its fiercest rivals from across the pond.

Keep in mind, British journalists, especially, tend to be heavy critics of Corvettes. Maybe they feel threatened by such a great American icon, I mean, the Vette is basically “the George Washington of cars”, and that might bring up some of their cultural bad memories from the late 1700s. Either way, all pokes aside, the Brits seem to like the C7 Stingray quite a lot, and it seems it is finally able to…

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The 6 Concept Cars From The Tokyo Motor Show That You Should Know About. The biggest online public Auto Auction!

The 6 Concept Cars From The Tokyo Motor Show That You Should Know About.

Nissan BladeGlider
Nissan intends to build a production version of this radical concept car, which has a triangular shape inspired by hang gliders and so-called “swept wing” aircraft.
The BladeGlider is the brainchild of designer Ben Bowlby, who conceived of two similarly shaped race cars: the roofless DeltaWing, which raced this year in several series, and a new closed-top model called the Nissan ZEOD RC, which will race next year.
Though the BladeGlider might look unstable with its skinny nose, it most definitely is not. That’s because 70 percent of the vehicle’s weight rests on the rear wheels, while a special underbody tray creates enough downforce to glue the vehicle to the road without needing the typical wings and spoilers used to enhance airflow on conventional vehicles. The triangular shape drastically reduces weight while enhancing aerodynamic efficiency. The driver sits in the middle, flanked by two passengers behind.
The proposed…

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