Are Electric Cars Ever Going to Work ?

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When someones asks you to imagine an electric car most of us think of small, boxy, ugly looking things with a top speed of 3 miles per hour, this probably wasn’t helped by the G-wizz, However it appears that of recent the Plug-In car has developed a much more impressive image.

For example The Vauxhall Ampera at first glance looks like an updated model of the old VXR8 with its muscle car stylings that can only be described as rather good looking, especially for a family sized Vauxhall saloon. Citreon previewed a battery powered DS3 at the Paris motor show last month and that wasn’t the only Impressive Plug in motor seen there.

With the newest developments in this sector coming from the unlikely sources of Ferrari, Porsche and Mclaren we may finally be seeing progress. However going green can be very expensive for the everyday driver.


So have we finally dropped the stereotype that Electric cars are…

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