As smooth as SLK

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Roadsters and Mercedes Benz are the perfect coupling. I know this because I’ve lusted after a an SLK since I was 6 years old. That’s 15 years of my life. Well a few weeks ago I finally got to sample an SLK, a second generious R171 SLK350 to be exact.

Actually, this particular SLK was the perfect specification. Black with red leather with 18 inch AMG alloys and the 7-speed auto with speedshift buttons. All it was missing was AIRSCARF. But anyway, as it was a hot summer’s day, I didn’t care about warming my neck. I just wanted to put the roof down. Which didn’t go as well I planned because the boot separator was left up.

No matter. Pulled over to the side of the road, lowered the separator and in a few seconds the metal roof folded into the boot like a sort of magic origami trick…

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