Kimi Raikkonen {Ferrari}

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Kimi, also known as Iceman, was born in Espoo, Finland and is the oldest driver currently in Formula 1, at 34 that is. Not old in regular years. The Finnish driver received his nickname as he is not one for emotion. Like Vladimir Putin in the opening ceremonies of the Olympics you might catch him with the corner of his mouth twitched up…and that’s a wellspring of emotion right there. I read he once had to be waken up, in the garage,  30 minutes before a race started. That was no quiet corner. I imagine it to be pretty loud with all the last minute prep. Nerves. Of. Steel.

Kimi premiered in 2001 racing with Sauber to more than a little contraversy due to his lack of experience. But he proved his metal and had a solid year. He drove for McLaren from 2002 to 2006 moving…

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