Road Trip

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Color and the colorless Color and the colorless

The mountains and the earth floor are dull, shades of grey, pale yellow, and dark green trees. The sky is a vibrant blue backsplash, and the clouds look very angry. As I took this photo, I was amazed by the stillness it brings, there is no movement at all, its like a painting. The freeway across the way from mine is deserted, no cars passed us for as long as i could remember, I was truly out there alone with the wind. (sorry for the slight reflection of me on the left!)

The road Jagged peaks

The road is blurry, the sky is blurry, the mountains are blurry yet jagged. This picture is eery, the sky is a spread of mysteriously shaped clouds. As the car speeds, the yellow stripes become faint, they loose their color and even their shape. The mountains are black, yet you can makeā€¦

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