Drink Driving, a thing of the past?

Safety First

There was an announcement in September at the Frankfurt Auto show that Nissan moved up the timetable on self-driving cars to 2020. In late September at Japan’s CEATEC (a large electronics show) Carlos Ghosn (Nissan’s Chairman) rode around in a functioning self-driving car.

The Nissan, controlled by sensors, five cameras and a few microprocessors, steered around cars partially blocking the demo roadway, responded well stop signs, navigated curves and even changed lanes using correct indicators. Carlos didn’t need to touch the steering once during the entire demo. Although the car was only moving at 19km/ph, its law abiding, safety conscious ways seemed to offer an improvement on some of the driving I see daily on Sydney roads!

This got me thinking, would we be better off placing our lives in the hands of self-driven cars? Will their introduction illuminate the stereo types we associate with bad driving (we all know…

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