Tesla Motors (Elon Musk)

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Hello followers, here I am going to present you the most futuristic and entrepreneurial brand of cars in the world. It’s called Tesla Motors.

The person who is behind all this is called Elon Musk, it’s possible that you may already have heard this name before, or you’ve read in this blog. Elon Musk is an entrepreneur that have different companies like:

– Space X


– Obviously, Tesla Motors

– President of SolarCity

– Co-founder of Paypal

As you can see, he knows when to make a bet.

The destiny of this post is to promote all-electric cars.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Motors had 3 models of cars:

– Tesla Model X

– Tesla Model S

– Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Model S is the most sold car of the three models in the United States of America.

The ranking of the most sold luxury cars in USA is:
1. Tesla Model…

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